Monday, 6 March 2017

5 Unique Ways To Use Runners

Tired of monochromatic, ordinary and same looking table linens? Yeah, me too! So I decided to purchase new dining table runner to spruce up my dining room. Stirring up your room interiors can be an easy task and it can create a seasonal display to grace your dining room. If you want to convert your table into something magnificent, these runners can be your best bet.

They are available in different sizes, colors, materials and shapes along with different fabrics. Therefore you can create various combinations and placements by using them in different ways. 

1)  These runners are versatile and can be used in many ways. People generally use them on table; however adding a bit of creativity can turn the tables around. They can also work with various shapes like square, rectangle, square and oval.

2)  Placing a runner lengthwise in the middle is one of the most common ways. You can find it almost everywhere. This placement style gives a perfect path to complement the centerpieces. You can place some candles in the centre.

3)  If you have a short or square table which is narrow, you can place a runner across the set up.

4)  If you can`t get over with that vintage tablecloth that your granny had gifted you on your wedding anniversary, well then we have a solution for that too. You can buy a runner either in matching shade or contrasting color and place it over it. This will give your dinner table a cohesive as well as decorative appeal.

5)  You can pick runners in different fabrics. You can select a runner according to the event. For regular use cotton fabric is the best while for the formal one, you can choose satin or silk runners.

Whatever you choose, these runners can surely make your dinner time amazing with their attractive prints and patterns, of course fused with your very unique creative instincts.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Make your Living Space Colorful this Holi

As the spring beckons, so does the festival of colors, HOLI. It is that time of the year, when the whole nation is smeared with the color of unity, togetherness, happiness and cheerfulness. Zest and enthralling life is the core essence of this Indian Festival. This festival does not only bring the colors and new breeze of life but also lot of guests and friends to exchange the greetings and warm wishes.

Thus it is very essential to set the right mood for this auspicious festival of India that brings all your friends and relatives even closer. As Holi is usually celebrated, outdoors, your interiors should be well decorated too. The guests who will come to exchange wished will surely would like to spend some time indoors as well. Thus your living room, patios placed outside and terraces are vital spaces for embellishments.

To keep your interiors in sync with the spirit and vivaciousness of the Holi celebrations, assimilate colorful home furnishing products into your interiors. Light up your windows by replacing your tad draperies with curtains in fresh and warm tones. Pick a curtain in vibrant shade that matches not only with your existing home décor but also with the spirit of the festival. Let your windows embrace the freshness to give your ambience a punch of style.

Enliven your worn out couch by simply placing few throw pillows and cushion in different sizes and shapes. Adding cushions and pillows on a couch will not only give your drab sofa an instant glam-up but also will also make an interesting statement in your interiors. Switch your beige and white cushion covers with colorful and dazzling coverlets in yellow, red or green to elevate the surroundings.

The festival of Holi is incomplete without food. And when it comes to serving guests, you must play a perfect host. Unfurl beautiful tablecloths that will complement the entire vibe of the festival. Decorating the house during festival like Holi is a essential. But doing it in a stress-free way is a must. With ongoing amazing deals and offers at Homedrape, it is even possible! Now you can grab your favorite merchandize as Homedrape is offering Flat 25% off on all the categories of the products. All you need is a laptop as your favorite products are waiting to get explored. 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Bring The Shades Of Spring Into Your Home

Whether big or small, interiors that are styled beautifully are enough to alter the feel of a room. They can reflect your true persona, giving away every minute detail of your personality. Therefore it is worth exploring the top decorating trends that are going to inspire huge number of people. These decorating trends are simple, elegant, inspiring, chic and fortunately do not require a complete room overhaul.
Sunny and brightly decorated rooms are trending again. From dark mustard to pale butters, cheerful colors are making their presence everywhere. Not just yellows, but greens are also in rage. Deep emerald and grass green are not going anywhere. You can give your living room a piece of enchanting décor. Dazzling windows with fresh curtains in the shade of yellow and green will surely impress your family members along with your guests. 

Inspire your senses in more than one way with the royal shade of blue. The color blue can create miracle if you allow it to, as nothing accentuates a room if you are need to add drama. The color is sophisticated plus carries a not-so-serious look. You can add blue pillow or cushion covers in your living room to give your space a cohesive look. If your style is more traditional or contemporary, olive green might be the correct move. Many find this color as dark as well as dingy, but take a closer look at it and you will notice the sophistication that is ideal for elegant abodes. You can take this shade to your bedroom and give it a fresh appeal. 

Pick bed linens or bed-in-a-bag to make your room look calm and serene. With a duvet or comforter either in matching or contrasting shade, you can create an inviting and organized ambience. If you walls are painted with pastel or white shade, then this color will accent your interiors even more. This will lend a calm and peaceful look to your bed room. 

Homedrape is celebrating spring summer bonanza with Flat 25% off on all the merchandize. You can discover which and what home furnishing item will work well for your room interiors. Celebrate the wonderful colors that are making headlines for their majestic appeal.

Friday, 10 February 2017

How to Arrange Cushions like a Pro

Summer is officially here and I really hope that you all are enjoying the beauty of this season. Now when it has begun to get hot outside, it is understood we all would like to spend our time indoors in our cool rooms.

So how can you make your sofa or bed look graciously stunning and comfortable? Do you often check out the magazines and sigh in admiration when you see a beautifully organized sofa? Well, now you too can achieve that look in your home and the good news that it does not require you to get a degree from design school. You can have the prettiest pillow collection at your home by just using little creative instinct of yours. 

Although there are many ways to arrange cushions or pillows on a couch, but the most classic and eye-appealing arrangements is the five cushion arrangement. Treat your couch or sofa like a blank canvas so if you sofa is in a neutral color, chances are that you can experiment more with it.
Start with draping 2 large square pillows with a bright shade as it brings some fresh and cheerful look to your interiors. Now add two more pillows and keep them in a neutral shade with some chic texture. It will blend well with rest of the home décor. 

Now take one rectangle shaped pillow in an envelope style and choose something in pastel and light shade. Or if you want it to be the statement piece of your living room you can choose a bold or neon shade that will highlight your living space. Voila! Your room is ready to take on even the most finicky guest, who is going to love your color combination in pillow arrangement.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Turn Your Messy Home into A Modern Retreat With Fiery Offers

Create your dream home with huge discount offers at Homedrape. Homedrape exhibits the range of in home furnishing products that are world class and unique. From bed sheets, bed covers, Diwan sets, carpets, curtains, kitchen linen, table linen, home accessories to bath mats, bags including the kid’s décor, you can find anything and everything in one place. These products will bring the luxurious sheen that will set your abode in a harmonious tone. Make a relaxing and comfortable enclave to unwind yourself with your family and friends. Witness the complete mixture of the styles and the fusion that will make way for chic interiors. 

The collection computes to the natural beauty and the creative appeal to your space. The best designs will give your home an alluring appeal. Make your space look beautiful, with designs that are infused with aesthetic patterns. Get the unique fragments to fit exactly according to the ambience that integrates with your existing home décor setting.

Homedrape have the wonderful choices of the designs and patterns from contemporary to traditional, oriental to modern style that best fits your place. Layers of neutral colors and textures inspired by the beautiful landscape outside help make every inch of your haven an ideal spot for relaxing and entertaining. Get comfy furnishings with elegant textiles and color schemes to create living spaces that define the meaning of lived-in luxury.

Create a show stopping room with fresh looking items. Avail flat 20% off on all products and celebrate Lohri with great looking living spaces. Just grab the last days of the shopping bonanza that will make your New Year even more special. The additional 3% discount can be enjoyed.  Use the coupon code LOHRI. Plenty of collections are waiting to be explored. Not only for yourself but your kids also can now pick their favorite products. 

Simplify the style with the best efforts to make a neutral space to the home interiors. Make your home larger than your life with smart design tricks and fabulous looking products with luscious fabrics and sumptuous textures made for Indian homes.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

How to Make Your Home Ready for Guests

We all love having guests at our home. Generally, when the calendar shows holidays around the corner, it is time for our relatives and friends to socialize. This weekend also we are waiting for our friends eagerly as it means having a good time with your closed ones which refresh our mind and soothes our soul.       

Expecting guests are enjoyable but it also means that you should get your guest room ready. The process might take more than a week but the result will be wonderful. You can usually start about a week before in advance and you will be spared from last-minute-rush. By following few easy steps you can achieve a perfect looking guest room that will not only make your closed ones happy but will also get you brownie points. 

Nothing looks more inviting and promising than a well-made bed. You can choose beautiful linen to drape your mattress to make you guest feel comfortable at home. Top your bed with cushion covers in bright shades and exotic prints, and it will give your room a warm appearance. 

A soft quilt or duvet will help to keep your guests warm during nights. You can combine them with the shade of your bed sheets. Not everything has to be matchy-matchy as it will give your room interiors a dull appearance. 

You can also change the room curtains according to the wall paints. Opt for breezy shades like light blue or green and it will pop up your room with instant cool vibes. All this mixing and matching will produce great effects that will leave a huge impact on your guests and will make them feel at home.