Friday, 13 January 2017

Turn Your Messy Home into A Modern Retreat With Fiery Offers

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The collection computes to the natural beauty and the creative appeal to your space. The best designs will give your home an alluring appeal. Make your space look beautiful, with designs that are infused with aesthetic patterns. Get the unique fragments to fit exactly according to the ambience that integrates with your existing home décor setting.

Homedrape have the wonderful choices of the designs and patterns from contemporary to traditional, oriental to modern style that best fits your place. Layers of neutral colors and textures inspired by the beautiful landscape outside help make every inch of your haven an ideal spot for relaxing and entertaining. Get comfy furnishings with elegant textiles and color schemes to create living spaces that define the meaning of lived-in luxury.

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Simplify the style with the best efforts to make a neutral space to the home interiors. Make your home larger than your life with smart design tricks and fabulous looking products with luscious fabrics and sumptuous textures made for Indian homes.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

How to Make Your Home Ready for Guests

We all love having guests at our home. Generally, when the calendar shows holidays around the corner, it is time for our relatives and friends to socialize. This weekend also we are waiting for our friends eagerly as it means having a good time with your closed ones which refresh our mind and soothes our soul.       

Expecting guests are enjoyable but it also means that you should get your guest room ready. The process might take more than a week but the result will be wonderful. You can usually start about a week before in advance and you will be spared from last-minute-rush. By following few easy steps you can achieve a perfect looking guest room that will not only make your closed ones happy but will also get you brownie points. 

Nothing looks more inviting and promising than a well-made bed. You can choose beautiful linen to drape your mattress to make you guest feel comfortable at home. Top your bed with cushion covers in bright shades and exotic prints, and it will give your room a warm appearance. 

A soft quilt or duvet will help to keep your guests warm during nights. You can combine them with the shade of your bed sheets. Not everything has to be matchy-matchy as it will give your room interiors a dull appearance. 

You can also change the room curtains according to the wall paints. Opt for breezy shades like light blue or green and it will pop up your room with instant cool vibes. All this mixing and matching will produce great effects that will leave a huge impact on your guests and will make them feel at home.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

4 ways you Can Beautifully Accessorize Your Home

What is your favorite part when it comes to decorating? I surely know what mine is! I like coordinating different colors and unique textures along with carefully chosen furniture and art décor pieces. But my most favorite part is accessorizing décor. I am crazy about picking out accent decorations and hunting for that one perfect statement piece that will bring the reflection of my personality into my room interiors as I am self-proclaimed embellishment queen. I love to prettify things and I hope these tips will help yours too. 

The first rule is that do not accessorize a room with too many things that are little or smaller in size. If they are few in numbers then it is okay, but too much can create an illusion of disintegration. They can look elegant if done in a versatile way.

Layer, layer, layer! Layering can be beautiful and it can accentuate your interiors in an astounding way. It requires creativity and imagination and most of us need to do a little work on it to achieve a pleasing look. You can use duvets, comforters, pillow cases, cushion covers and gorgeous bed sheets to achieve that look. 

You can also use rugs in vibrant shades to cover an area. A beautifully woven carpet can make a place look spacious and sophisticated. You can also use them as a wall hanging and they will exude the brilliance of a masterpiece.

Bright colors in the form of cushion covers can make your couch look majestic. They can give your back a cushioned support apart from infusing a breath of fresh life into the dull interiors. When you refurbish your home, start with pillows as it is the most economical way to making impactful changes.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Clever DIY to make adorable cushion covers

You guys have also realized that it is very difficult to master your sewing machine. And you must have gotten tired of trying a lot to sew perfectly. Some of them may have given up seeing the level of difficulty. Do you accept? But because I am not alone in this struggle I have found a way to make your work easier. Here I am going to share with you all that how to make the most of your pillows… without using a sewing machine. Now you can take a deep sigh of relief!

A little while ago, I came across some fabric glue which states Unique Stitch and I decided to use it just for a try, as I have already tried worst and nothing could be disgusting that fumbling around with a bobbin for an hour.

I started collecting a bunch of different adorable cushion covers to try on some for the guest bedroom, some in the living room. And after trying I am really happy with their changed look.
So, here’s the guide:

To assemble your pillow, place the two panels on top of each other and use the glue to paste the two panels to each other. I chose to run a strip of glue on the edge of the two 20x15 panels and fold the fabric over so that they look finished and so that I didn’t have any raw edges of my fabric with the print facing inward.

When the pillow is assembled to 20x15 panels end up where the pillow opens in the back, slightly overlapping. This is how the back of your adorable cushion covers should look like.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Let Your Windows Do the Talking About Your Personality

No matter how perfect your interiors are or how valuable your expensive furniture is, each piece of accessory must add decorative value to your home. The whole look must be pull together and everything should complement each other. 

For a cohesive and well coordinated look, the best way is to match your curtains with your wall color. With patterned drapes, make sure that the pattern contains at least a bit of the wall color. If your walls are adorned with white or ivory shade, choose a pattern which has a plain white base or background. If the walls are colorful then you can repeat the hues in the fabric`s foreground or background designs.

Choose veils in the same color family as your walls in a bit lighter or darker shade, to achieve the classic look with solid-colored drapes. For instance if you have apricot color of walls go for burnt orange shade or vice versa. Stay within two to three shades of the color of the wall, if you prefer a subtle color difference. 

Complementary shades sit opposite each other on a color palette. Though complementary schemes of color look elegant and classic, the contrast is frequently too striking with curtains and walls in solid color. If the wall is blue you can pick for orange shade with white stripes. 

You can also tone down the look of all the wall colors if you have used strong shades by choosing the curtains in neutral colors. Ivory shade looks flawless and works well with both cool and warm wall colors. You can pick veils in butter-cream, champagne or something for less stark. You can also embellish the leading hem or edge to accentuate the visual interest. 

Curtains online shopping is one of the best way to select curtains according to your need and choice.