Wednesday, 19 October 2016

5 Life-Saving Tips That Can Keep Your Bag Like Brand New

A woman`s handbag is her world. We all love our handbags and can do anything to get our hands on our favorite bags. We go from store to store, to get that one gorgeous looking handbag that can stun all the other ladies who exist on planet earth. When we find our dream bag we show them off amidst our friends, take it to various parties, dates, dinners and then eventually we get bored.

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Then we keep them in our closet in a safe place and hope to use them later on. But what we all forget in this vicious cycle is that we generally lack the information that can help us to preserve their beauty for a longer time. For us, they fall into the category of that stuff that are made immortal and does not require any attention. But this is definitely a myth my friends, as they tend to lose their originality with the speed of light if not taken proper care. Here are 5 life-saving tricks that will help you to make you bag stay longer with you to give you good company.

Stuffing – It is a must-to-do thing that can keep your bag`s original shape and form intact. Larger purses require a bit of maintenance compared to their smaller counterparts. So it is better to roll newspapers and stuff them inside to fill it. If you are a nature lover and cannot sacrifice papers, you can also stuff your worn out sweater inside them and your bag will never lose its shape.

Dust Bags- Keep your dust bags, always. They come free when you purchase a new one and they are not meant to throw away. Whenever you feel like storing your bag always put them inside a dust bag to prevent dust and dirt settling down.

Use a clutch- If you like to carry your make-up with you, and then use a clutch or small pouch to keep your belongings. It will save the interiors of your bag from getting smeared with moisturizer, foundation and what not?

If you pay attention to these factors, your bag will love you as much as you love it and that too for many years.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Ways to Update and Makeover an Outdated Dining Table

If you want to update your old and outdated dining table cover then you can adopt some of the unique and creative ways to give them an amazing makeover. You do not need to live with an outdated dining table as there are many options for updating and making over your table! If you want you can use the beautiful round dining table cover.

Just look at these ideas to which you can bring life to your table:

Idea 1: Just pain the table top and the base in different colors but they should complement each other. This will give your home a very distinct look.

Idea 2: Paint the apron and base with a solid color and then re-stain the top in a rich stain color. This would give a very unique look to your house.

Idea 3: If you want you can add a stenciled design to the table top it will glorify your old looking table.

Idea 4: Paint the base, stain the top, and then lightly whitewash the top for a beautifully aged look. It will definitely look appealing. They will give you a modern appeal.

Idea 5: Just paint the tabletop and give them a zinc-covered look which gives them a more smoothing and the shiny surface. You will love to see them such will be their amazing appeal.

Idea 6: You can actually cover the tabletop with the stainless steel, copper or nay other sheet metal this will give them a metallic look. And therefore, you will enjoy looking at their new and extraordinary appearance.

Idea 7: You can add some color to your room by painting the table one solid exciting color which give a very lovely and adorable look to the living room.

Ways to Update and Makeover an Outdated Dining Table

If you are thinking about refurbishing your bedroom, then you must be getting lot of advises and suggestions from your family and friends which can throw you for a loop. Fret not as there are many hacks and tricks available over internet that can guide you through the process. If you like to give a makeover to your room according to the season then one of the easiest ways to get a cheerful and vibrant boudoir is to build your color scheme. 

You can pick one color for the walls and the other colors for accessories. If you do not want your room to look like it just had a color explosion you can simply add white and bright curtains to ensure the illuminated bedroom is still the hot pick. Also you can infuse some understated subtle shades of purple or gray in your draperies. Play with colors to have an accent look that will make your room look bright and lively. 

You can also go for patterned pillows or cushion covers which will pop against the deep shade in the backdrop. For an elegant and uptown look you can also select striped pattern that will look amazing with any bed linen in block shade. Place a rug in zebra print or shaggy carpet to create a visual relief for the eyes. You can choose your bed linens online in a slightly warmer shade to give a cool contrast to your room. You can also add blue and orange in small doses to keep the ambience lively and captivating, as they produce soothing effect on the eye because they carry the complementary tone. Whatever is your pick, you can always experiment with the quirky and peppy shades to give your room a chic appearance.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Choosing the Best Bed Sheets Now Not So Tough!

If you are tired of finding the perfect bed sheets for your home and still is not able to find the right one. Then take the advice of the experts in the home decoration industry and weighs in on what you need to know before going out for bed sheets online shopping:

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Is Thread Count That Important?

Yes or No, but the thread count is the parameter which tells you about the smoothness of the sheet and what is their durability, it totally depends on them. This is measured in terms of the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric but it is also not so reliable. So, you now realize that thigh thread count is a factor, but the type of cotton used in their making can be more significant. 

What’s the best quality Cotton?

The best quality type of cotton is the 100 percent Egyptian cotton. After that second is the 100 percent pima cotton. They also known by the other trademarked name Supima. And if you find a label on the clothing which says “100 percent cotton”, then you must clearly know that it’s an American upland cotton which is rougher and less expensive than other varieties

The Egyptian cotton has the specialty that they have long fibers which produce sheets that are thin and sumptuous yet extremely strong and long-lasting. 

Pima cotton has the extraordinary softness and they are stronger as compared to upland cotton. They are less likely to pill than the former one. 

What’s Better, Percale or Sateen?

It completely depends on your choice and your taste. The difference is just that percale is a plain, and have a matte weave that has a crisp and cool feel while satin is slightly heavier and have a more lustrous appearance.